Types of Property Crime in Arizona: An Overview

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Property crime is a serious problem in Arizona. Understanding the different types of property crime that occur in the state is crucial in preventing and reducing such offenses. From vandalism to burglary, property crimes can range from minor incidents to major offenses that result in significant financial losses. In this feature article, we will explore the various types of property crimes that are prevalent in Arizona and what you can do to protect yourself and your property.

What Is Property Crime?

Property crime involves the theft or destruction of someone else's property, including homes, businesses, vehicles, bicycles, and personal belongings. Property crime can be categorized into four major types:


Burglary involves the unlawful entry into a building or residence with the intent to commit a theft or any other felony. Burglary can occur even when the perpetrator does not succeed in stealing anything from the premises. This can range from merely trespassing to stealing valuable possessions, especially when the occupants are away.


Theft involves the unlawful taking of someone else's property without their permission and knowledge. The stolen property may include cash, jewelry, or any other material that holds value for an individual. Thefts can be classified into multiple categories, including petty theft, grand theft, and robbery.


Vandalism involves the intentional destruction of someone else's property. This property might include cars, buildings, public structures, or any other items that belong to someone else. Graffiti, destruction of property and other forms of damage can all be included under this category.


Arson is the intentional or reckless burning of another person's property. This can range from setting fire to a house, vehicle, or any other property. This crime can lead to property damage costs and pose a risk to the safety of people in the vicinity of the fire.

The Most Common Types of Property Crime in Arizona

While crime is never completely predictable, there are certain types of property crimes that are more common in Arizona. Some of the most typical property crimes include the following:

Vehicle Theft

Car theft is the most common property crime in Arizona, accounting for nearly 30% of all property crimes in the state of Arizona. Car theft perpetrators may be looking to sell the car on the black market or use it for their personal use. This type of crime is particularly challenging to combat given the sheer number of cars in Arizona and the many ways to sell or use a stolen car.


Burglary is another common property crime in Arizona. Generally speaking, burglaries take place during the day, and the typical target is an empty house. Sometimes burglars are sophisticated, using technology to try and pick locks or find other ways into homes. Other thieves might use other means by brute force to gain entry into windows or doors.


Petty theft and shoplifting account for a significant number of property crimes in Arizona. These crimes typically involve stealing valuable items from grocery stores or retail businesses. Often, this is done by employees who have an opportunity to take things without proper accounting procedures. While these incidents may not involve a lot of value, they can still be damaging to businesses and individuals alike.


Vandalism is a major issue in Arizona cities' heavily populated areas, particularly in the form of graffiti. Tagging public buildings and commercial structures has become an unfortunate epidemic in many cities, and it can be difficult to catch those responsible.


Although not as frequent as the other types of property crime listed here, arson is still an issue in some Arizona communities. Arsonists may set fire to abandoned homes, wildfires, or other structures, posing a significant risk to community members and substantial financial costs to the state.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a type of property crime that involves the unauthorized use of an individual's personal information, financial information, medical records, and other sensitive data. The perpetrator intends to use the victim's information for fraudulent purposes, which can range from obtaining credit to purchasing expensive items.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is another type of property crime in Arizona that involves falsely claiming a loss to an insurance company for financial gain. This type of property crime can occur in various forms, including fraudulent disability, false workers' compensation claims or fake vehicle accidents.

How to Protect Yourself from Property Crime in Arizona

The best defense against property crime in Arizona is to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. Some tips that can assist include:

Be Mindful Of Your Situation

You can reduce your risk of falling victim to property crime by simply being mindful of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and if you notice anything unusual, call the authorities. Make sure that your family and other loved ones are also aware of this principle, and work together to report any potential risks.

Secure Your Home And Property

Prevention is the best defense against burglary and vandalism. Make sure your home is secure, and invest in outdoor lighting or security cameras. If you have valuable possessions at home, consider installing a fireproof safe or a burglar alarm system. Do not leave any valuable items in plain sight, especially in your car, which can be a tempting target for thieves.

Stay Up-To-Date With Technology

New technologies offer ways to deter thieves and reduce the likelihood of being targeted. Be sure to consider the latest technologies, like security alarms, and surveillance cameras to deter burglars.

Report Suspicious Activity

You can help law enforcement better monitor and cultivate a safer community by taking responsibility and reporting suspicious activity. Call the police if you see a suspicious car or person, and work with your neighbors to establish safe-neighborhood-watch programs.


Arizona residents must remain vigilant when it comes to property crime, given the prevalence and significant consequences of such offenses. By taking measures to prevent property crime and reporting any suspicious activity, we can help reduce the high rates of property crime in the state. We hope that this guide helps you better understand the types of property crime prevalent in Arizona, how to recognize them, and how to protect yourself and your property. Ultimately, by staying informed and working together, we can help create a safer and more secure community for everyone.

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