Felony Wrong Way Driving DUI Charges in Arizona Law: Definition and Penalties

Investigative Article

The Truth Behind Wrong-Way Driving DUI Charges in Arizona

Imagine driving on a highway, in the correct lane, and suddenly seeing headlights heading straight towards you. It's a terrifying experience that no driver ever wants to face.

Wrong-way driving is a dangerous and illegal act that can lead to deadly accidents. In Arizona, driving the wrong way on the highway can lead to serious charges, including DUI charges. This investigative article aims to uncover the truth behind felony wrong-way driving DUI charges in Arizona.

Arizona Law on Wrong-Way Driving DUI Charges

Arizona law defines wrong-way driving as the act of operating a vehicle in opposition to the designated flow of traffic on controlled access highways. A.R.S. §28-694 specifically outlines the legal definition of wrong-way driving and the penalties involved.

Individuals found guilty of wrong-way driving face a civil penalty of $500 and are also required to complete educational sessions at an approved traffic survival school, aimed at reinforcing safe driving habits and enhancing overall road safety. However, if a DUI charge is involved, the penalties become more severe.

Arizona law enforcement officers have the authority to charge drivers with DUI and felony wrong-way driving if they cause an accident and someone is injured or killed as a result of their actions. In such cases, the driver may face first-degree or second-degree murder charges.

The Consequences of Wrong-Way Driving DUI Charges

The consequences of wrong-way driving DUI charges can be severe and life-changing.

A driver facing a felony DUI charge for wrong-way driving can expect to spend years in prison and pay a hefty fine. Additionally, they'll have a criminal record that will affect their life in multiple ways. The criminal record can make it challenging to find a job, obtain housing, and cause problems with immigration or citizenship status.

Moreover, a driver convicted of felony wrong-way driving DUI charges will lose their driving privileges and may have to pay for rehabilitation programs to regain them.

Defending Wrong-Way Driving DUI Charges

Wrong-way driving DUI charges are serious, and they require a strong defense from an experienced attorney. The defense lawyer may argue that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was not aware that they were driving in the wrong direction, or that their actions were a result of a medical emergency or mechanical failure.

The defense may also argue that the driver was coerced or threatened into driving the wrong way, or that the police did not conduct a proper investigation of the accident.

The Importance of Safe Driving Habits

Ultimately, the best way to avoid wrong-way driving DUI charges is to practice safe driving habits.

Drivers must always pay attention to signs, markings, and other traffic signals to ensure that they are driving in the correct lane. Additionally, drivers should avoid driving over the speed limit, driving when tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and avoid distracted driving behaviors like texting while driving.

By following safe driving habits, drivers can reduce the risk of wrong-way driving, keep themselves and other drivers safe, and avoid facing life-changing DUI charges.

The Bottom Line

Wrong-way driving is dangerous and can lead to felony DUI charges in Arizona. The consequences of a conviction can affect a driver's life in multiple ways. To avoid facing such charges, drivers must stay vigilant and practice safe driving habits.

If you are facing felony wrong-way driving DUI charges in Arizona, it's crucial to consult with an experienced attorney who can provide you with strong legal representation and help you build a strong defense.

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