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Any resident of the United Kingdom who has been affected by criminal activity, whether as a victim of crime or as a witness can call Victim Support for help and assistance. Victim Support is a registered charity available to victims of crime, even if the offense has not been reported to the police and regardless of when or where the crime took place.

Victim Support helps more than a million UK residents every year with branches staffed by knowledgeable and experienced volunteers throughout the United Kingdom. The organisation is completely independent of the police service or the court system and is not connected to any government agency. It offers individuals who have been a victim of crime, an opportunity to speak confidentially with a trained volunteer regarding police and court procedures, criminal injury claims and applications for insurance payments. Victim Support can also connect you to other sources of help.

Victim Support can be contacted at their national headquarters located at Cranmer House, 39 Brixton Road, London or you can phone them on 020 7735 9166. In appropriate situations the police will contact Victim Support on your behalf but only at your specific request.

Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors

Our specialist solicitors offer free legal advice and information on applications for damages to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) as a result of violent assault, sex crimes including rape and child abuse and unlawful killing including murder and manslaughter. A personal injury specialist will initially consider and review your claim information and advise at an early stage on the likelihood of success and the approximate value of an award from the CICA. All claims on behalf of a victim of crime are dealt with on a no win no fee basis and you will not have to fund your claim in any respect. Compensation is paid in full with no deductions. Our service is completely risk free. We are not a claims management company and from our very first contact you will only deal with a qualified solicitor.

A personal injury specialist must belong to The Law Society panel of personal injury experts. The panel is only open to those who have expertise and experience in settling accident claims. They must be able to show detailed knowledge as follows :-

    Areas of law :-

    • Occupiers Liability Act
    • Road Traffic Acts
    • Common Law of Negligence
    • Civil Evidence Acts 1968 and 1971
    • Contributory Negligence
    • Motor Insurance Bureau
    • Employers Liability
    • Vicarious Liability
    • Relevant European Community legislation
    • Health and Safety at Work Act
    • Fatal Accident Act 1976
    • Consumer Protection Act 1987
    • Knowledge of social security benefit law

    Professional Skills :-

    • General Skills
      • interviewing
      • negotiation
      • advising clients
      • appraisal of issues
      • drafting documents
    • Specialist Skills
      • Investigation and research
      • drafting of pleadings
      • damages and interest calculation
      • utilising expert witnesses
      • case management
      • persons under a disability
      • DSS procedure
    • Advocacy Skills
      • Panel members are expected to take appropriate cases to a full trial hearing

    Ethical Issues :-

    • disclosure of medical reports
    • use of expert witnesses
    • acting for a client when previously acted for another party to the proceedings
    • conflict :-
      • instructing an expert witness who was previously a client
      • acting for a driver and passengers in connection with a road accident
      • receiving opponent solicitors papers by mistake

If you would like free advice from accredited experts just use the helpline and a member of The Law Society panel of personal injury experts will speak to you on the telephone with no further obligation.

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