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Innocent victims of violent crime in the UK have the right to seek compensation for their injuries through the criminal injuries compensation board. Our specialist personal injury solicitors utilise a no win no fee scheme in order to make claims risk-free. If you instruct us to act on your behalf and your claim is unsuccessful for any reason you pay no legal fees or expenses. There are no upfront costs and you are not responsible for financing the claims process.

In 1996 the criminal injuries compensation board introduced a tariff scheme to calculate damages to be awarded for personal injury to innocent victims of violent crime. The criminal injuries compensation board tariff scheme was subsequently amended in 2001. The tariff scheme assigns a fixed monetary value to each type of injury, setting forth the maximum amount of compensation that can be paid for a given injury. The criminal injuries compensation board calculates a victim's award based on these values. In total there are 25 injury compensation bands with values ranging from 1,000 to 250,000. In addition the victim may be entitled to further compensation as a result of lost earnings or special expenses.

When a victim has sustained multiple injuries only the three most serious are considered by the criminal injuries compensation board. For the most serious injury, the victim receives the full amount dictated by the tariff scheme values. Awards for the second and third most serious injuries are discounted by a preset rates as follows :-

  • worst injury = paid in full at the assigned value band
  • second worst injury = 30 % discounted from the assigned value band
  • third worst injury = 15 % discounted from the assigned value band

For free legal advice about bringing a claim to the criminal injuries compensation board contact us today. One of our expert solicitors will provide you with an assessment of your chances of success and an estimated value of your claim. Simply phone our helpline or complete the contact form. There is absolutely no charge for this consultation, regardless of whether you decide to pursue the claim.

Fatal Injury

In fatal injury cases including unlawful killing, murder and manslaughter individuals eligible to claim compensation from the criminal injuries compensation board include :-

    A parent or child, including those who are not the natural parent or child but who were accepted as such by the deceased.

    The legal spouse of the deceased, if that spouse shared a residency with the deceased immediately before the date of death.

    A partner who was living with the deceased and had been doing so for at least two years before the date of death - this includes same sex partners.

    A former spouse who was financially supported by the deceased immediately before the date of death may be eligible for a reduced amount of compensation for dependency.

The amount paid by way of a bereavement allowance to an individual in a fatal injury claim depends on the total number of eligible claimants. If only one person is entitled to the claim the awarded amount is set at 11,000 however if there is more than one qualifying recipient each claimant will receive 5,500. The individual who paid for the funeral can claim reasonable expenses from the criminal injuries compensation board. In addition there can be dependency claims outlined below.

The criminal injuries compensation board can also make awards to other qualifying recipients who may have been supported by the deceased. The most common scenario is when the claimant was financially dependent on the deceased, particularly in cases where the deceased considered themselves to have parental responsibilities for the claimant.

Sexual Abuse

Special guidelines apply to cases of sexual abuse. Victims of sexual abuse can be awarded up to 33,000. The criminal injuries compensation board has the right to award a single sum to cover a series of incidents rather than compensating the victim for each individual event. Additional compensation may also be awarded if the abuse resulted in pregnancy or the contraction of a sexually transmitted disease.

Free Legal Advice

We provide our services on a risk free no win no fee basis. You will not be asked for any money upfront in order to make your claim. To receive advice and guidance about criminal injury compensation claims simply telephone the helpline. If you would prefer to speak to a same sex lawyer just inform us on your initial contact with us.

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